What is the expected cutoff of the UPSC preliminary exam 2018?

Paper-1 was tougher than previous years 2015, 2016, 2017.
Paper-1 was confusing. It means you have read the content but still confuse in two options.
Lengthy questions took a lot of time to read them properly.
Paper-2 was also difficult.Because of non convetional Maths, Reasoning and 26 comprehension questions.
Answer Key of various coaching center showing different answers of at least 5–6 questions.
Last time I got 5 marks more what I have calculated from answer keys.
It is easy to solve the paper in 2 days and saying the paper was a bit difficult and telling that it would be cut off.
But the candidates who is giving exam goes through various emotions, fear, anxiety and surprises of unexpected questions.
Which is not counted in the calculation of cut off by coaching centers.
Cut off would be low because of the above reasons. I think it would be 90 this time.

How can I attempt the maximum number of questions in the CSAT paper of UPSC prelims in only 2 hours?

Practice many questions.
Cover all topics.
Practice, Practice and Practice.
There is one and only one method for CSAT paper -2 is to practice more and more problem.

How do I start for the UPSC prelims after graduation?

After graduation you will be a little bit late in my view.
The best way will be to start with graduation . The possibility to crack it in first attempt will be high.
Take guidance from someone .
And start with NCERT and News Paper.
Rest you will learn along the journey of preparation.

How should I prepare for current affairs asked in prelims for CSE 2017?

1.Current affairs for prelims is something tricky. Because all the current affairs based questions can not be solved.

2. But coaching magazines,News paper and Test papers can provide a comfort in current affairs.

3. Write down the topics which you read in news paper and know about that. This is the only way.

How should one solve unknown questions in UPSC prelims?

1.This is very interesting question which most of the aspirants ask.

2. The only way to solve such questions by using elimination method with the accumulated knowledge with you.

3. But if you are new player in this preparation the it would be difficult for you to reach at correct option.

4. So it would be advisable to you to leave such questions and play at your are of strength.

How do I tackle current affairs for CSE 2019 prelims and Mains after 2018 prelims ?

1.Current affairs is a tricky part of preparation.

2. Because now they are asking the last 2 to 3 years current affairs too.

3. The best way is to optimise the current affair knowledge and not much bothered about reading every thing.

4.Magazine, Compilation, News Paper can help you in this area.




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