Which are the best books for SSC CGL Tier 1 and 2 preparation?

1. K Kundan (For Aptitude)

2. R.S. Sharma (For Maths)

 What are some of the shortcuts to learn quantitative aptitude?

1. Do not get in the rumor of shortcuts.

2. First solve the questions in proper manner.

3. after practicing you will be able to make your own shortcuts.

How long did it takes to complete a quantitative aptitude RS Agarwal book?

1. It depends on basic knowledge.

2. If you have good basics then 1 month.

3. But if you do not have good basic concept then 3 month.

 How do I improve my score in quantitative aptitude for SSC CGL Tier 2? I am currently scoring in the range of 140-150 in mocks.

1. Practice , Practice and Practice more and more problems.

2. This is the only way you can maximise your score.

How can I get a job as a quantitative aptitude teacher in the Delhi SSC coaching institution?

1. Make a resume.

2. Write your qualification and experience.

3. Go go coaching centers and give them their resume.

4. When there will be need they will call you.

5. Give your resume to maximum no of coaching centers.