Should one join coaching for the CAT if he is good in quantitative aptitude?

1. If your concept are good.

2. You know what you have to read.

3 There is no need of coaching.

4 Just solve more and more problems.

Should I just leave Geometry and focus on other topics of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT?

1. If you are facing problem in geometry contact a tutor for that.

2. Leaving anything can affect your marks in exam.

What are the most important topics/chapters in quantitative aptitude/logical reasoning for the CAT?

1. Every topic is important.

2. In competitive exams no topic is less or more important.

3. give more time and prepare first in which topic you are good.

 On which website can I practice CAT-related quantitative aptitude?

1.Rather than website you should practice more and more questions from test paer and books.

2. Because No website will provide it as free.